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Learn how to “thrive – not survive” at one of Beth Harris Lifestyle’s custom-created seminars focusing on fitness, health, and overall wellness.


Various topics that focus on the work-life balance & achieving a healthy lifestyle.

Need some motivation and direction in your life? Become empowered with Beth Harris Lifestyle!
As a provider in balancing life’s issues as well as health & fitness, Beth can help you achieve creative solutions in balancing work and life, as well as incorporating the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy meals


Take control of your health & nutrition.

Learn how to eat healthfully in a flexible way and still meet your goals.

  • Workshops for 3-10 people
  • Learn about macronutrients and the basics of eating
  • Learn how to generate a meal plan/shopping plan for yourself & your family
  • Learn how to navigate the grocery store and properly read food labels
  • Create a personal diet plan and a nutritional plan of action

Professional Development


Helping you to achieve a career in the fitness industry.

Are you an aspiring fitness enthusiast looking to break into the world of personal training? Do you enjoy motivating others to attain their goals? Beth offers education, real-life training situations and shadowing opportunities to give you the tools you need to be a knowledgeable and successful in the fitness industry.

Learn more about health, wellness and fitness!

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